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Our club are looking to begin the youth club lottery to allow for further investment into our growing youth system. We will use the money generated to fund for facilities, equipment and tours up country. 

The club is always looking to find ways to be more organised and create better opportunities for our local talent and by increasing the incoming into the club we can continue this process.

We provide opportunity for all ages and abilities and want to make this clear to the community. All are welcomed and never turned away but the more funding we can generate the broader opportunities we can create for young footballers.

Please help to support the club raise funds by playing our fantastic lottery! It costs £1 a week and you could win up to £25,000


How it works

The Lottery results are calculated using the temperatures from selected destinations around Europe on a particular day each week.

Players are assigned 6 numbers when registering, that are then checked against the last 6 digits of temperatures in Fahrenheit that are published in the Daily Mail on the day of the draw.


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Recent Winners

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02/12/2019 MR MR P EVANS from Harrow West Conservative Association won £250.00

02/12/2019 MS SARAH HILL from Hounslow Animal Welfare won £20.00

25/11/2019 MR JOHN BURNETT from Cmt United Kingdom won £20.00

25/11/2019 G G I STRANG from Bradford Conservatives won £20.00

18/11/2019 MR A BACKUS from Winchester Conservative Association won £20.00

18/11/2019 MR JAMES COULING from Unite The Union won £20.00

02/12/2019 DR PCE EDGECOMBE from East Cheshire NHS Trust won £20.00

02/12/2019 MR A PRIMROSE from CLIC Sargent Scotland won £20.00

25/11/2019 MR G BOLTON from Cherry Tree Cricket & Tennis Club won £20.00

09/12/2019 MR E FORSTER from East Anglias Childrens Hospices won £20.00

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