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We are the Ecclesbourne Valley Railway Association, a charitable trust that is manned by volunteers. We formed in 1997 to support the Ecclesbourne Valley Railway in its aim and objectives and became a charitable trust in 2002. Recent projects have included restoring two steam engines with a third nearly finished, and three Mark 1 coaches with another two to be ready in 2018.

We are now fundraising for the following project:

The original Wirksworth Station building was demolished during British Railways days when the line and yard had closed to anything other than limestone traffic from the many nearby quarries. Our current facilities are housed in containers, portacabins and old railway coaches that are now deteriorating rapidly after nearly 20 years of use and are inadequate for current visitor levels. The trust aims to replace them with a single Midland Railway style structure which will provide a museum area and an information centre as well as the usual fully accessible station facilities.  We hope to have the building in place by late 2018.

Your support for this project would be very much appreciated.



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The Lottery results are calculated using the temperatures from selected destinations around Europe on a particular day each week.

Players are assigned 6 numbers when registering, that are then checked against the last 6 digits of temperatures in Fahrenheit that are published in the Daily Mail on the day of the draw.


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21/05/2018 MISS MISS S BAXTER from Tayside Primary Care (Keyhole Kate) won £250.00

21/05/2018 MR D PURRINGTON from Cystic Fibrosis Trust Hq won £250.00

30/04/2018 MR STEPHEN JORDAN from Aston Unity Cricket Club won £20.00

30/04/2018 MR MATTHEW HARRIS from Rabbit Welfare Fund won £20.00

14/05/2018 A A P FLAHERTY from Herts and Middlesex Wildlife Trust won £20.00

07/05/2018 MR M REYNOLDS from Sutton Cricket Club won £20.00

30/04/2018 MR J PONIATOWSKI from Vista- Royal Society for The Blind won £20.00

14/05/2018 MRS S RATCLIFFE from West Yorkshire Conservatives won £20.00

14/05/2018 MRS P EVANS from Vision Support won £20.00

30/04/2018 K K A HARVEY from Macmillan Caring Locally won £20.00

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